Artist Biography

 Katherine King

August 11 - October 17

Katherine King started working with clay at the Nepean Art Centre when she was a teen. Her interest in ceramics grew and she was accepted into the Design in Ceramics program at the prestigious Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. During her 3-year program she learned about: making clay, throwing, hand building techniques. She also acquired technical knowledge of glazes and the function of different types kilns. Katherine graduated with an Advance Diploma from Sheridan College in 2012.

 At Sheridan she received the Bill Rowland Salt Glazing Award. Her work was showcased at the “Here & There” Sheridan graduation exhibition on campus as well as at the Sheridan College Graduate Show exhibited at the Gardiner Museum of Toronto, Ontario. She is currently an instructor/technician at the Gloucester Pottery School.

Harmony: a cheerful arrangement of colours and patterns

This work is an exploration of layers and patterns. Each piece is hand painted, and the application involves a complex process. Forms were made to act as a blank canvas to “paint” on the glazes. After the forms were decided, many different glazing applications were explored before the successful end results could be produced. This experimentation with glaze reactions was necessary in order to create patterns that are stable enough to predict the outcome each firing. The colour palette I have selected reflects the colourful memories I have of my childhood.