Artist Biography

 Marney McDiarmid

February 16 - April 18

Big Dreams


Big Dreams challenges us to consider what we don’t know about Canadian history by profiling the contributions of nine notable women. The installation of these pieces in cloud-like frames, among wall paper style botanicals, gives a nod to the conventional manner in which great white men are frequently lauded through portraits hung in the family home.


Marney McDiarmid is a self-taught potter with an MA in Oral History and an “all but dissertation” PhD in Cultural Studies. Since the mid 1990s she has been creating densely patterned hand built pieces out of porcelain, renowned for their grace and whimsy. To find out more about Marney visit
Artist Statement:

Each of the ten ceramic wall pillows features the image of a notable woman in Canadian history. The women are accompanied by botanical line drawings that speak to the person’s life history. At first glance the flowers in this piece can be seen merely as objects valued for their beauty. A deeper look at this imagery, however, reveals a rich symbolic language that subverts the facile correlation between women, flowers, and domesticity.