Clay and tools are available to purchase at Guest Services located on the first level of the Shenkman Arts Centre. Please bring your receipt down to the school to pick up your supplies. Thank you for supporting our non-profit school.


  • Clay must be purchased through the school ($44.25 + HST a bag)
  • The cost of clay includes glazes, 1 bisque firing and 1 glaze firing.
  • Mark all bags of clay with your name and date of purchase (unmarked clay will be recycled)
  • Clay stored in members cupboard over 6 months will be recycled
  • you must be a studio member in order to fire your pottery
  • Small locker rental $31.86 +HST or Large locker rental $34.51 +HST for three months
  • tool kits are vailable for a cost of $28.32 + HST