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Illustrative Handbuilding With Milo Berezin Aug 24 & 25

Milo Berezin
English / Anglais


9:30 AM

4:30 PM




Join artist Milo Berezin to create your own painted and carved narrative illustrations on hand-built pottery. First, explore alternative slab-building techniques including slab coils and press molds for building cups and other forms. Next, use underglazes and translucent slip to build up colorful, dynamically layered illustrated surfaces. Finally, learn how to customize simple and affordable sgraffito tools to carve expressive linework and text.Day 1 - Handbuilding demos & work timeAM: Handbuild forms using slab, coils and/or and press molds; studio practices discussionPM: Refine forms, feet, handles; brush slip; sketchbook planning and designDay 2 - Surface decoration demos & work timeAM: Finish planning/design; apply underglaze base layer and translucent slip layerPM: Transfer drawings; explore carving tools; carve pots; discuss finishing practicesParticipants should bring: sketchbook, drawings or reference images for illustration.Prerequisites: Basic clay experience recommended (not intended for individuals who have never worked with clay before)

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