Party Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Event bookings are a total of 2 hours in length. All participants are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes before the booking time and wait outside the GPS doors for your party host who will bring your group in together and are expected to leave promptly at the end of the booking time. If departure from our space is delayed, an additional penalty fee of $50.00 per 15 mins will be added to the remaining balance of the booking. Additionally, if the room is left in a state where staff will have to perform clean up outside of their regular duties, a cleaning surcharge of $50.00 will be applied to the remaining balance of the booking.

The party price includes 8 participants.  Additional participants are $25 each.  The maximum number of participants for parties is 12. 

Our school will be offering regular programming during the party’s duration. We ask that you be respectful of these classes and monitor noise levels to mitigate interruption. 

The staff leading the event are responsible for the education and instruction of the pottery project and to ensure the event runs smoothly and to schedule. All questions and concerns outside of that scope should be directed to the Studio Manager:

The Gloucester Pottery School kindly requests the use of masks for the continued safety of our staff and students. If needed, masks can be provided to participants when they enter the studio. 

An invoice will be sent  to you through GPS ' website on Tuesday following the party for the balance of the fees including any additional fees such as extra participants .

Cancellation policy: 

For all refunds requested, an Administrative Fee of $25+HST will apply even if refund is credited to your account. No refunds are given unless the request is made 7 days before the event booking is due to commence, unless it is due to a provincial or Ottawa Public Health mandated closure. Refunds will be processed within 21 days of the refund request.


Where do we meet for our party?

  • You will gather with your guests outside the doors to Gloucester Pottery School.  Your party host will greet you 5 minutes before the party start time and bring you into the school. 

Is there a separate room for cake and gifts?

  • All activities are held within the same room. After the construction portion of the party, work tables will be cleaned to help transition the space for cake/gifts. 

Can I bring food to the event?

  • Due to time limitations, it is recommended that cake be the only food served during post project construction time. Do not forget to bring any plates, utensils or any other tableware needed.   

Is there access to a refrigerator?

  • No, the studio is not equipped with a refrigerator for client use.

Can I book additional time for the party?

  • The total duration of the party is 2 hours. No extra time is available. 

Can I bring my own decorations?

  • Our school is an active studio, to help preserve our space we ask that no outside decorations are brought to the event. The uniqueness of a party at Gloucester Pottery School is the opportunity to have a party in a pottery classroom, it is not a “party room”.  There are a few elements the school adds for parties to personalize the event. 

Can I bring balloons?

  • Due to the nature of the studio we ask that no balloons are brought, there are many items that could be bumped and broken, individuals with latex allergies, etc.

Can non-participants attend the event?

  • Only participants and the host parents will be allowed in the classroom. Exceptions are made for those participants who require additional support to be present. Parents/guardians of participants are welcome to wait by the lower level art galleries for the duration of the event.  

When will the pieces be ready for pickup?

  • It will take approximately 3 weeks for the projects to be completed. Once all of the pieces are ready for pickup, the birthday organizer will be contacted by email through our website with pickup instructions. All pieces are to be picked up by the organizer and it is their responsibility to distribute the finished pieces to each participant.