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Custom 3D Cookie Cutter

1. Select the Size

2. Email us a black and white logo or file what you would like

3. Staff will create file and print 

4. We will notify you when cutter is ready to pickup at Gloucester Pottery School


All cutters are made from PLA filament

Custom 3D Printed Cookie Cutter

  • Gloucester Pottery School would like to make it easier for our students and the greater Ottawa area ceramics community to access custom printed cookie cutters. Most librarys do have 3d printers but that requires you to learn how to create a file ready for the printer - GPS can do that for you and it saves shipping, customs and overall higher costs when you order from sites like etsy.  


    Please email us a black an white logo or graphic that we can convert to an svg file, if you can send it to us already as an svg that would be great. 

    We will do our best to include all details but may need to reach out to you if they are too fine to print.  We can discuss the options such as simplifying the design or making it larger.  


    Gloucester Pottery School has been printing cookie cutters for student use, specific projects, custome test tiles and more.

    They are printed with PLA filiament, a natural thermoplastic polymer derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane.  


    Filament colour will vary, GPS uses Prusament PLA recyled filament.  Waste produced during their in-house production of Prusament PLA is recycled and used as a base for Prusament PLA Recycled. There are no further additives or pigments in the mix.

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