Dust Evans Gallery: Featured Artist   

Get your hands dirty and explore your creativity at Gloucester Pottery School this year!

Gloucester Pottery School showcasing the work of six diverse professional artists a year in the Dust Evans Gallery.  Exhibitions are visible online and in person at the Shenkman Art Center, the gallery is locating on the lower level next to the City of Ottawa's Trinity Gallery.  In the past the gallery has had exhibitions by a a diverse range of artists and moving into our 30th year we will seek to give more Dust Evans Gallery exhibition opportunities to artists in equity-seeking communities.


Ayesh Ismail-Kanani


Ayesh Ismail-Kanani was born in the UK, grew up in Vancouver, BC, and is currently based in Ottawa. Kanani's family is from Gujarat, India and this has shaped their appreciation for pattern and craft that continues to inform their work. Kanani is self-taught in ceramics learning through experimentation and mentorship from local artists. In addition to a growing studio practice, Kanani works as the Digital Engagement Director at BEING Studio supporting disability arts programming. They are also passionate about teaching clay workshops with the hope of breaking down barriers to the medium. For Kanani, art has been an important tool for survival and a ritual for wellbeing. Kanani's current body of work is an exploration of pattern and vessel forms grounded by interconnections between culture, material, and memory.



Works from current exhibition are not available for sale